Maintenance Request

Inform Us of a Maintenance Issue

Maintenance Form

Your maintenance request is important to us and to the property owner! We want to take care of your problem as quickly as possible. Please be specific when submitting your work request so we have as much information as possible to accurately and promptly schedule your appointment.

Review ALL of the information below prior to submitting your request.

Routine maintenance requests are processed only during normal business hours. Generally you will receive a call from the assigned vendor on the same day you put in your service request. If you do not hear from anyone, please call our office the next day to follow up at 702-648-1299.

With this submission you agree to the "Tenant’s Responsibilities".

If this is an after-hours emergency, please call 702-648-1299 option 5 and you will be connected with the on-call Agent.

Examples of emergencies are unstoppable water leak, flooding, heat or air conditioning not working in extreme temps, sparks from outlets or appliances or any condition that threatens the health or safety of yourself, others, the property or the public.

To report gas fumes and gas leaks, call 911 immediately and then call our office.

To report a FIRE or Natural Disaster, call 911 immediately and then call our office.

Tenant Responsibilities:

Missed Appointments: You will be responsible for the payment of any service call charged for:

  1. a missed appointment
  2. not providing access to your unit when requested
  3. leaving a keyless bolting device engaged

Maintenance responsibilities: By submitting this work request, you acknowledge that if the repair is found to be due to misuse, failure to perform required routine maintenance task, or as covered under #12 of your Lease Agreement, you will be responsible for payment of the repair.

Pets: The tenant is responsible for the safety and well-being of their pet(s). The tenant is responsible for keeping their pet(s) under proper control at all times. Tenants agree to NOT hold Avalon Realty and Oaktree Management, Inc. or service providers liable if their pet(s) escapes confinement and leaves the premises.

Name and address information must match what is on file. Phone number and/or email address must be valid for contact purposes. Without identifiable name/address info or valid contact info, the request will be disregarded.