Rental Application FAQ

  • What is the cost of the application?

    The cost of the application is $80, all adults over the age of 18 intending to live in the property must submit a separate application.
  • What do you check when you process the application?

    We run credit reports, public records, civil and criminal records verification through RentScreener. We personally verify your rental history and employment.
  • When do you process applications?

    We process applications daily.
  • What are your rental qualifications?

    • A) Income. Your monthly income must be at least two and a half times the monthly rent. If you are unemployed, you must provide proof of a source of income. Only documented income will be considered as valid.
    • B) Rental History. You must have satisfactory rental references for the last 7 years at a minimum unless you were a homeowner. We do not include rental history from family or if you were a roommate but not on the lease. If you have ever been evicted or sued for any lease violation within the past 7 years, we will reject your application with the possible exception of proving that you have paid your prior landlord in full.
    • C) Credit History. Your credit history must not show habitual credit abuse.
    • D) Exceptions. If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria you may be able to qualify for the property with the owner’s permission and based on one or both of the following conditions:
      1. You can get a third party to guarantee your lease. The guarantor must pass the same application and screening process that you must pass, except that we will deduct the guarantor’s own housing costs before applying his or her income to our income standard.
      2. At the owner’s option, you could be offered to lease the property subject to paying a higher deposit and/or pre-paying the last month’s rent.
  • I filled out the application online, where do I send my pay stubs and copy of driver’s license and social security card?

    You will upload them online when prompted or you can email them to
  • How long does it take to process an application?

    The process generally takes one or two business days
  • If I get denied, do I get my money back?

    If you are denied because you do not meet the criteria, your application fee is not reimbursed.
  • How do I know if I have been approved?

    Someone from our staff will contact you regarding the decision.
  • How many applications do you run?

    One at a time.
  • How long will you hold a property?

    2 weeks but you must sign your lease and pay all deposits within 2 business days.
  • Do you take pets? If so, are there any additional costs?

    We are a pet-friendly company and no breeds are restricted on a company level. However, every homeowner has the right to decide if they will accept pets or not. We have an upfront administration fee and a monthly pet administration fee. Of course there is no deposit or fee for service animals.
  • I filled out an application, but you already accepted an applicant. Do I get my money back?

    Yes, we would reimburse the application fee to you if we had already accepted an application from somebody else.
  • I have a copy of my credit report, can you use this one?

    Unfortunately, we can ́t.
  • Ready to apply?

    Go to our Tenant resources tab and apply online.