Pet Policy

The pet policy establishes the rules and conditions under which a pet may be accepted in our managed properties. This policy is to establish reasonable requirements in order to provide a safe and decent environment for existing and future tenants. Pets (of any kind) should only be permitted with the specific written permission in the lease document (i.e., a pet addendum to lease) and an additional pet application fee. The amount of the pet fee is determined based upon the “Paw Score” that assigns to your pet (excluding assistance animals). Pet will review each Pet Profile and No Pet / Animal profile application and help validate the documentation provided on Assistance Animal accommodation requests.

* NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS & APPLICANTS: Everyone must complete the screening process. This is not only for pet and animal owners but also for residents and applicants that DO NOT own a pet or animal (No fee will be charged to applicants without pets).

Pet Policy Information

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