3 Benefits of Using Owner Portals in Property Management

3 Benefits of Using Owner Portals in Property Management

Are you one of the 117,000 property managers in the United States right now?

With how hot the housing and real estate market has been, you've probably been busier than ever dealing with property management, and maybe even renting a property or two more than you used to.

If that's the case, you should look into owner portals, which are also used for tenant portals. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this type of property management software!

1. Owner Portals Save You Time

Being a property manager is not as easy as it sounds. You're not just sitting back as you rent out your properties. There are daily tasks that you have to stay on top of.

So if you find yourself constantly spending every single day emailing your owners their monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports, giving them access to an online portal can drastically change how you spend your time. 

For starters, you can reduce the amount of time you spend answering owner and tenant questions. How? Because the portal allows the owner or tenant to access most of the information they probably have questions about. 

That means fewer daily calls and emails that you need to respond to!

2. Improved Communication Between You and the Owners

Not only will an owner portal give you more of your time back, but it will also improve the communication you have as a property manager with the owners or tenants of the properties.

With the ability to upload different files and information directly to their portal, there is easier access for both parties to find the information. 

Information also doesn't have to be passed back and forth over the phone or email, like a work order that is placed. It can be put on the portal where both of you can see it and communicate about it.

3. Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Any type of technology that sets you apart from the rest gives you a competitive advantage. Instead of relying on old-fashioned ways of communication and managing a property, you can stay ahead of the rest of the property managers who don't use an owner's portal.

Any owners or tenants will choose you because they know how much easier it will be to have everything in one place through the portal.

Use This Property Management Software for These Benefits

There are so many benefits to using property management software for your property management business. It can be difficult to keep track of things scattered everywhere and not in one place.

Communication can also take up a lot of your time that could be spent doing something else.

With an owner portal, you have the ability to free up your time, improve communication, and stay ahead of the competition.

If you are ready to use an owner portal, contact us today so we can help you set it up!


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