4 Convincing Reasons to Use Tenant and Owner Portals

4 Convincing Reasons to Use Tenant and Owner Portals

Did you know that over 33% of American households rent the place they stay in? This means that over 44 million people are currently renting the place they call home.

It doesn't matter how many of these tenants are renting from you; what does matter, though is how challenging being a landlord and property manager can be, irrespective of the number of tenants you manage.

One thing that can ease the process is the use of owner portals! The benefits of owner portals and tenant portals can make it easy to communicate and share information; keep reading to find out why you should start using them today!

1. 24/7 Access To Information

Since the information may be accessed at any time, tenants won't have to wait for a response from the property manager. It only takes a minute to verify rent, utilities, and CAM costs. To use it, all you need is access to the internet.

Portals for property owners ensure that renters have access to the most current information and use it to create a central repository of tenant information that is up-to-date and easy to access.

2. Less Communication Clutter

Your account information is easily accessible through a mobile device or PC with an owner portal, usually. In turn, this reduces the frequency with which tenants and owners need to contact the property manager. The portal's message threads are structured similarly to actual discussions, making it simple to go back and figure out who said what.

Thanks to the portal's automated email notifications for both the tenant and the property owner, there will be no missed messages.

Also, your phone will no longer have all those missed calls, text messages, and hundreds of unread emails!

3. Progress Tracking

Tenant satisfaction can be raised by allowing them to submit requests for maintenance work or check on the progress of current work orders.

Residents will know the status of the building and can make informed decisions moving forward. Those living in the building will feel like they have some say in handling repairs. The fact that tenants and landlords may check in on the progress of ideas and complaints is an added bonus.

4. Money Tracking

If owner portals were mandatory for tenants and owners alike, then payment and money tracking would make your accounting life a breeze, and rent collection would become a work in the park!

All payments made by tenants can funnel through one system. Your portal can automate rent-due notices and invoices when payments have been received.

This would mean no more handling cash and manual spreadsheets for you. Only more automation and better finance management.

The World of Owner Portals Is Your Oyster!

So, now you know why you should be using owner portals to get your rental business moving along more conveniently. What would the next step be?

You should spend time looking into the different portal options and their features to ensure you get all the usage out of your portal for the type of rentals and property management that you do!

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Never fear! You're in the right place. Check out owner resources for more valuable content!

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