Eviction History Check: Top Mistakes Newbie Landlords Make

Eviction History Check: Top Mistakes Newbie Landlords Make

Did you know that many eviction cases filed by landlords are due to tenants not paying rent?

When such cases are filed in local courts, the filings are added to the public record -- whether or not the eviction lawsuit is successful. So, landlords can find out about tenant evictions when they screen tenant applicants.

Do you understand the importance of checking eviction history when considering people wanting to rent your property?

You should always conduct an eviction history check in such instances. Continue reading to see some big mistakes many rookie landlords make.

Failing to Screen Applicants Properly

Tenant screening is a must. Buying a rental property to get passive monthly income is great. But you'll only get that revenue stream if rent is paid.

You need to find suitable tenants who won't cause you unnecessary headaches. And, no, you can't just go by how pleasant applicants are when seeking approval to rent your investment property. You need proper screening.

That's one reason it makes sense to hire a property management company like Avalon Realty and Oaktree Management. We have a proven process for screening applicants and finding you the most promising candidates.

If you rent your property to the wrong people, missing out on rent might be the least of your worries. Bad tenants can also damage your property, terrorize other tenants, and negatively impact your experience as a landlord.

We can help by running credit, criminal history, and eviction history checks. As part of the screening process for your rental property, we can also request that applicants submit references from previous landlords.

Failing To Get Things in Writing

When you buy a rental property and become a landlord, you need to ensure that you treat the landlord-tenant relationship like a business relationship. That means you need to get everything in writing. Word-of-mouth deals won't cut it.

Getting everything in writing will protect both parties. Ensure that the lease agreement details how tenants are expected to conduct themselves, and spell out the penalties that could occur if rules are broken.

At Avalon Realty and Oaktree Management, we can comb over the rental agreement to sure it's legally enforceable. In the event that an eviction is necessary, you'll need to demonstrate that rules were broken.

When we conduct screening, we'll see if there are eviction records, pour over the eviction report, and advise you whether or not an applicant is viable.

Failing To Understand Landlord-Tenant Rules

As a new investment property owner, you need to ensure you thoroughly understand landlord-tenant laws. These laws can change, and remember that the rules are different from state to state.

You'll want to know under what grounds you can pursue an eviction. There'll be a process that you need to follow. Of course, you can hand that responsibility to a property manager that'll handle the eviction process from start to finish.

Don't Forget the Eviction History Check

After becoming a rental property owner, you can either be the landlord or hire a property management firm to serve in that capacity.

At Avalon Realty and Oaktree Management, we can help make your experience as a rental property owner more pleasant and less stressful. We understand the importance of an eviction history check to find the best tenants.

Do you want to learn how we can help you manage your rental property? Are you interested in finding out how we can help your tenants with a tenant portal? Get in touch for a free consultation on your needs.

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