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At Avalon Realty and Oaktree Management, we provide full service Las Vegas property management. One of the questions owners ask us most frequently is – how often should a rental property inspection take place? They also want to know about our reasons for inspecting a rental property. Today, we’re providing some investor tips on this topic.

Routine Inspections Property Management

When we first take on an occupied property:

if there is a tenant in place we will do a full inspection. This takes about an hour and a half, and the result is about 300 pictures and a complete inspection report. Our inspection provides a baseline for how your property looks when we begin managing it.

When the property is vacant, we do the same inspection.

Then, we use that report to tell you about the repairs that are needed or to make recommendations about fresh paint, new light fixtures, and better landscaping. We get bids for the work, secure your approval, and then allow the improvements to take place.

Additional Inspections of Rental Property: Reasons

Once there is a tenant in place, we conduct another inspection 10 months after the lease begins. However, other things can trigger an inspection.

  1. If your property is in an HOA, and the HOA sends a notice of violation for overgrown weeds in the yard, and we get that taken care of but then we receive another violation notice, we will schedule an inspection with the tenant. A problem on the outside may mean there’s a problem on the inside, and we want to have a look.
  2. If there are complaints from neighbors, we will also do an inspection. It’s our policy to give business cards out to the houses on each side of your property, as well as the one across the street. We tell them how to reach us and invite them to call us if they see anything that is out of line or a problem.

We would love to help you.

If you have any questions or you’d like us to do a drive by inspection of your home at no cost, please contact us at Las Vegas Property Management.

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