How to Handle Bad Tenants in Las Vegas, NV

How to Handle Bad Tenants in Las Vegas, NV

When you are in a public place, take a look around the room. One out of every three people you see has a criminal record.

This is a concerning statistic when you're a landlord. For every three prospective tenants, one of them could be a secret ne'er-do-well. You might only discover this unfortunate fact once they become terrible tenants living on your property.

A lease often lasts a year, plenty of time for a problematic person to do damage. If you have bad tenants, what are your options?

Rest assured, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Keep reading for a guide on how to deal with or get rid of tenants in Las Vegas.

Keep Records of Everything

Document, document, and then document some more. This is your legal protection as a landlord. Take pictures, screenshot text conversations, and write things down for later.

For example, you might take pictures of the property on the day of move-in. If and when your tenants make unauthorized changes, you have proof they did. You can then point to your lease agreement to show they violated the rules.

On that note, use your lease agreement to protect yourself. Spell out, in no uncertain terms, all of your deal breakers. A clearly-written lease is a legally-binding document in your favor.

Be Diplomatic Where Possible

Humans are incredibly irrational. Even when the evidence is stacked against us, we think we can do no wrong. Your tenants are the same.

So, take care in how you approach situations with terrible tenants. Smile, listen intently, and be patient with them. Hear their side of the story before you tell yours.

Making them a friend instead of an enemy is the best course of action. Getting them on your side could help to resolve their particular problem altogether. They'll be more amenable to your demands if there's a sense of camaraderie and trust.

People have a natural aversion to landlords. If you approach them as a heartless rule enforcer, they'll be reticent to work with you.

File for Eviction With Bad Tenants

Unfortunately, the eviction process may be the inevitable last straw. Only choose this nuclear option if everything else has failed.

Eviction can be a tricky process, so do your research before you send bad tenants a notice. Understand that eviction is not an immediate removal of tenants from your property. Your tenant has rights, and they may have eviction protection in certain situations.

Manage With Avalon Realty

Bad tenants are just a matter of probability. If you have some, you can often resolve most minor issues with documentation and diplomacy. If push comes to shove, though, you may need to kick off the eviction process.

Avalon Realty and Oaktree Management aid you in the most challenging aspects of property management. Check out our property management services for your rentals.

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