Property Management Services: 3 Tips for Using Owner Portals

Property Management Services: 3 Tips for Using Owner Portals

Forecasters place Las Vegas among the five fastest-growing cities in the United States, predicting that the city's population will swell by 90.5% by 2060. Part of the reason for this is the simultaneous 118% explosion in employment.

Abundant opportunities, excellent entertainment, and a warm climate add to the attraction when it comes to Las Vegas, making it a great prospect for renters and prospective homeowners alike.

In this light, investment property owners in Las Vegas can expect busy times in the years to come.

Owner portals are an excellent way to streamline all the tasks involved in effective property management. Keep reading to find out more about these handy facilities.

1. What Is a Property Owner Portal?

Most property management services have an owner and tenant portal to help streamline and enhance their services.

These online access points allow property owners to view vital information about their properties easily from anywhere. Tenants can pay their rent via the portal, log maintenance requests, and communicate with the property manager or property owner.

2. Features of Owner Portals

As a property owner, it's difficult to keep track of all your property management tasks via telephone, email, or fax. The owner portal gives you fingertip access to all the information you need via your username and password.

This includes:

  • Rent payments received
  • Expenses paid
  • Current and earlier work orders
  • Property ledgers
  • Owner statements
  • Customizable property and portfolio reports
  • Shared documents
  • Owner disbursements

Whether you're working with property managers, or administering your rental properties on your own, an owner portal helps you stay informed and organized.

3. Benefits of an Owner Portal

Easy access to all the information above helps reduce the workload and uncertainties involved in managing properties and tenants. These are some of the benefits of using an owner portal for rental property management:

  • Easy and convenient 24/7 access
  • Self-service for tenants
  • Fewer phone calls and emails
  • Better communication
  • Less paperwork
  • Keeps track of information for tax purposes
  • Helps improve time management

These conveniences also give you a competitive advantage over other landlords.

Under Nevada law, renters can withhold their payments unless their landlord takes care of maintenance promptly.

An owner portal gives you instant access to any maintenance requests. Thanks to this, you can avoid any late payments due to maintenance issues and keep your tenant relationships on a good footing.

If you're considering property management services to help you with your rental properties, always ask if they offer an online owner and tenant portal. This helps you keep tabs on your properties at a glance and makes them more attractive to tenants, too.

You can use an owner or tenant portal on your laptop, desktop computer, and mobile phone for on-the-go convenience.

The Easiest Way to Manage Your Rental Properties

Hiring a property manager is a surefire way to maximize your rental properties without all the stress, administration work, and time involved.

The best property management services offer state-of-the-art owner portals, tenant screening services, property inspections, and more.

Get in touch with Avalon Realty and Oaktree Property Management today to see how we can help you manage your Las Vegas properties.

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