Summerlin Las Vegas #2 in the USA

Summerlin Las Vegas #2 in the USA

According to an article in by Chrystal Caruthers, the #2 most searched zip codes in the USA in 2014 was right here in Summerlin - ZIP Code: 89138

  • Median household income: $99,314
  • Median age: 34
  • Unemployment rate: 6.8%
  • Median home price: $380,000

This is not the Vegas Strip. There are no flashing lights for all-night buffets and million-dollar jackpots in this upwardly mobile community.

This is Summerlin North, a small, family-friendly community that spans just 4.2 square miles within Las Vegas. It’s an affluent area of large, newer homes owned by married couples with at least one child, according to® local information. In fact, 77% of Summerlin North residents own their home—compared with 61% of Nevada residents.

This would probably not be the place for your next girls’ trip. More than 57% of Summerlin North’s population is married, according to the United States Postal Service.

But what’s striking about this ZIP code is that it’s in Las Vegas, once the poster child for the housing market downturn, Smoke noted.

“This ZIP has 90% higher prices than the local market,” he said, adding that the houses sell faster. “This is not a banner year for Las Vegas. It’s still an area of transition, but this one is moving faster.”

ZIP code 89138 is located near the picturesque Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and it enjoys moderate winters and a dry climate. Its residents are well educated—52% attended college—and they earn a higher median income than the rest of the state: $99,314 vs. $54,211, according to® local information.

Also, Summerlin North has experienced a 13% increase in its population since 2000, according to® local information, while Nevada has grown by 39%

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