What is FUN about property management?

What is FUN about property management?

What is the most “fun” about property management? Every day is different. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. It’s a balancing act of keeping the property owners happy and keeping the tenants happy. It’s about finding vendors that you can count on and won’t overcharge.

It is not boring!

Property Management is about teaching an investor that the way they treat their tenants, care about prompt maintenance response and improve their properties over the years affects their bottom line – in either a negative or a positive way!

It’s about standing strong in the face of a tenant that just moved out and is angry that we charged them for damages they did.

When we started back in 1993 our lease agreement was 3 pages long; today it is 21 pages. Why? Each time a new situation or law is passed we have to modify our contract to keep pace and protect you.

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